We have a capacity of 450kg per day Yarn dyeing facility by state of the art THIES Yarn dyeing system with its central controlling system Orgatex. Radiofrequency Dryers and worlds best SSM winding systems to have high-quality yarn dyeing for our stripe fabrics.


We have state of the art Knitting Facility (Circular and Flat Knitting) to accommodate the production requirements. Knitting facility could run round the clock, 24 hrs a day in 3 shifts. With the help of latest technology and experience, we have a varied capacity from 7 Gauge to 28 Gauge machines that produce single & double knit fabrics. A full range of knitting machines which enable us to produce all types of knitted fabrics included Jersey,Pique, Stripers, Waffles, Terry, Interlock, Jacquard, and a full range of ribs including French rib in cotton, and cotton blends and synthetic.


Our in-house and very well-equipped Dyeing department with a production capacity of around 1000 Kgs of dying per day allows us to fully meet our dyeing requirements. We have dyeing machines for dyeing cotton fabric and a fully computerized high-temperature jet-dyeing machine to dye all kinds of synthetic fabrics including polyester. A well-equipped Processing laboratory ensures all Lab. Dip-dyed as per requirements and to be sure to get RFT results on ultra-low liquor ratio for energy and environment conservation. A full range of washes and finishes are catered within the Dye House.


Our Finishing department comprises of automatic hydro-extractors cum slitters from Corino Italy for the removal of moisture from dyed fabric, computerized tensionless Santex, and Fongs BSD dryers for instant fabric drying, fully computerized Italian Ferraro compaction machines for complete shrinkage control, and tumble dryers to give minimum shrinkage value.Again personal attention ensures that all the fabric leaving the finishing department is properly inspected and thoroughly checked for relevant factors before being forwarded to the next stage of production.


Phenomenal and esthetic tints are put on a different kind of fabric in Printing department where we have the facility of Screen Printing, flocking and heat transferring. Well-equipped design studio assists in production up to 26,00 garments per day. Printing department is equipped with state of the art automatic printing machines which runs through the different color scheme to ensure the desired look and quality.


We have a vast range of stitching units fully equipped with state of the art machines automatic, semi-automatic, and manual. This gives us flexibility and speed to produce many types of garments simultaneously. We have the experienced and technical team in production and quality which ensure the tailoring art of stitching. That is an important factor in our growth and customer’s satisfaction. We have the unique quality control and quality assurance system, which ensures the quality and customer’s standards at the start of the production, in the sewing lines and end of lines. Then the garment is supposed to be checked at the final stage before packing.


We have an extensive range of Embroidery Machines giving us the capability to produce many designs from simplest to the complex and enable us to cope with the quick turnaround on both small and large volume.